Burton’s Biscuits Public Address System

July saw us in the baked goods aisle once again. This time with a public address system upgrade for Burton’s Biscuits Blackpool site.

We were contacted by Stanley Security Solutions to design a new PA system for Burton’s Biscuits in Blackpool. The existing system was based around a Whiteley Electronics Series 8000, 300W, mainframe amplifier. A microphone at reception provided the sole means of making an announcement. In addition the broadcast of background music was possible from an AM/FM tuner.


The New Public Address System

Changes to Burton’s production processes lead to a requirement for microphones to be installed at four key locations. To save cost we suggested that telephone access would provide a better solution. Utilising the site’s PABX obviates the need to install individual microphones or their associated cables. As a result any telephone on site can now be used to make an announcement.

For ease of use the reception microphone point was retained but a new microphone was installed. The microphone, telephone interface and a DAB/FM tuner form the systems inputs. An APart PM1122 pre amplifier is used to process and distribute the inputs to four 500W power amplifier channels.  With each channel driving a different area of the site.


Stanley Security Solutions Ltd