Maghull North Station – LLPA, Long Line Public Address

We have just completed the commissioning of a long line public address system, or LLPA, at Merseyrail’s newest station. Maghull North is the first new railway station to open on Merseyside in 20 years. It lies on the Ormskirk branch of Merseyrail’s Northern Line.

The LLPA System

Maghull North forms an extension to the existing Merseyrail LLPA system. The PA system on each station is centred on an Application Solutions iPAM400 amplifier. The iPAM400 is a modular, IP-enabled, public address solution. It is capable of providing 400W of power amplification over four zones.

The IPAM at Maghull North is configured for three zones. These zones are Platform 1, Platform 2 and the Station Building. Three 100W amplifier channels, which simply slot into the IPAM frame, individually serve each zone. Furthermore, the amplifiers can detect, open circuit, short circuit and earth faults.

A microphone located in the Ticket Office allows the station personnel to make zoned announcements to either platform and the station building. In addition, support for automated platform announcements is provided by an ATOS PC.

The system also incorporates ambient noise sensing. A microphone located in each zone listens to the background noise and tells the system to turn up or down the volume depending upon the noise levels detected. Hence the system always remains audible whilst reducing the disturbance to the sites neighbours.

Since the system is networked it can be controlled centrally along with all of Merseyrail’s other stations. The central site can also make live and pre-recorded announcements to the station. Finally the IPAM reports its current health status back to the central control room.

PAVA Services undertook the connection and commissioning of the system for MP Electronic Fire and Security. You can find out more about our IP based PA systems here.


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