Voice Alarm for Ardagh Glass

We have, finally, completed the first phase of a voice alarm installation at Ardagh Glass in Doncaster. The project began in January this year but, the installation has been somewhat delayed due to Covid-19. However, things are now getting back on track.

A new voice alarm system was planned.

The existing public address system was based on a Mustang Maestro Amplifier and two Mustang A400 slave amplifiers. However, they were showing their age.

Since the system was being used to broadcast the site fire alarm tones it needed to be brought in line with BS5839 Part 8, the code of practice for the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of voice alarm systems. This was no simple feat, not only did the amplifier equipment need to be replaced but, all of the site’s cabling and loudspeakers needed replacing too.

PAVA Services provided the loudspeaker layout design and cabling details to Ardagh Glass. This enabled Ardagh to use their local electrical contractor to undertake the installation of the loudspeakers and cabling.

The Central Equipment

The heart of the new system is an Application Solutions Vipedia-12 Voice Alarm Router. Four input souces are handled by the Vipedia, as follows:

  1. A zoned firemans microphone.
  2. An interface to the fire alarm system to provide:
    • Global Evacuate Message
    • Alarm Silence
    • Alarm Reset
  3. A telephone interface
  4. Background music

A temporary input to the system from the existing PA system has also been implemented. This will remain in place until the link to the fire alarm system has been installed.

The Vipedia routes the audio input signals to fifteen, 500W, amplifier modules housed in three V2000 amplifier mainframes. In addition, each mainframe contains a 500W standby or reserve amplifier.

The fifteen amplifiers each drive two loudspeaker circuits, A & B, which are interleaved with each other. So that if there is a failure of one circuit coverage of the area will be maintaied, allbeit at a reduced level.


A total of one hundred and eighty seven loudspeakers have been supplied to cover all phases of the installation. 156 of which are Penton APH30T/ENC 30W, EN54-24 certified, horn loudspeakers.

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