Vipedia’s for Trivium & GSK

During Covid we did manange to get a couple of Public Address system upgrades installed. In both we found the solution with ASL’s Vipedia-12.

A Vipedia for Barnard Castle.

Shortly after Dominic Cummings made his trip to Barnard Castle we were there upgrading the PA system at GSK.

Back in November 2015 we installed a system at GSK for SEE ltd. This was based on one of ASL’s VAR4 routers driving four QSC Audio ISA300 dual channel amplifiers.

GSK's VAR4 now replaced with a Vipedia.

This system provided four output zones, GSK now needed nine. The solution was easy to make. Upgrade from the VAR4 to a Vipedia.

And for Trivium Packaging.

This one was more complicated, well on paper at least. The old Series 8000 mixer, at Trivium, had had a good innings. But maintaining it was becoming increasingly difficult. It needed to be replaced.

The new system has to cope with over twenty microphones, a telephone interface and in addition it is linked to the plant control system. The later providing automatic announcments to indicate machine breakdowns.

The fortunately the microphones in different areas of the factory are grouped together. Being connected to each other in parallel. Unfortunately, some are mic level and others line level. In addition, the Plant Control input needed to be voice switched.

Again, solution was Vipedia.

Trivium's Vipedia config
Trivium’s Vipedia Config
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