Hayes Garden World – PA System

Last week PAVA Services completed a refurbishment of the PA system at Hayes Garden World in Ambleside.

Their PA system had several issues:

  • A constant hum – due to unbalanced microphones and an ungated mixer
  • Low level at the rear of the site – low level feeds
  • No pre-announcement chime
  • Intermittant operation for one microphone – loose connections
  • The system was too loud in the toilets
  • No coverage in the warehouse

To overcome the hum we fitted pre-amplifiers to each microphone. This increased the signal level of the microphones and also provided balancing.

An Ateis UAP-G2 DSP was fitted to provide input gating, amongst other things, so now there is definately no hum. The UAP also provides a nice pre-annoucment chime…Ding Dong.

We also changed the Jedia amplifiers to a Crown DCi 4|300. This enabled the two remote amplifiers to be bypassed and eliminated the low level audio feeds. The result is a loud clear system at the rear of the site.

In addition we also fitted a loudspeaker and volume control to the warehouse; a volume control to the toilets; replaced a faulty speaker; checked the tappings on a couple more and gave the system a bit of a general spruce up.

Afterwards, Hayes Garden World’s Retail Manager, had this to say,

“thank you very much for all your work over the last few days. I am very happy with the outcome and you have been fantastic. I will definitely recommend you to anybody who asks me about this type of work”

Martin Capell

Update 16/07/21

Since the original refurbishment we have carried some additional work to improve the coverage of the Garden Centre. Three ASL 20W projector loudspeakers have now been added to the front edge of the canopy.

One of the 20W Projectors installed on canopy.
One of the 20W Projectors installed on canopy.

You can find out more about our PA Systems here.

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