Voice Alarm

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Our VA systems integrate with your alarm detection systems to aid the controlled evacuation of buildings by means of clear pre-recorded spoken messages rather than bells or sounders. In this way the system automatically broadcasts specific messages to alert staff or visitors to a danger or to direct them to the nearest safe exists or refuge areas.


Key Benefits

bullet Integrate in to your alarm detection system – fire alarm, gas detection or radiation monitors

bullet Clear, calm, unambiguous warning messages in the event of an emergency

bullet In an emergency, people will react without confusion or panic

bullet Improved evacuation response times

bullet Untrained personnel or visitors can be evacuated promptly and safely via clear instructions


As well as being used to broadcast Alert and Evacuation messages a VA system can provide other functions which may include:


bullet General Paging – Fast, efficient staff location

bullet Background music – Create a better working environment

bullet Spot announcements – Create revenue though advertising

bullet Shift Time signals



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