Public Address

Public Address Systems are widely regarded as the best means of communicating effectively with your staff, visitors or customers.

A public address system is sometimes referred to as a ‘PA’ system or ‘Tannoy’ system. It provides the broadcast of speech, music or other signals from an input device to one or more loudspeakers.

This process enables a single person or sound to be heard by many people clearly and without shouting.

Although in principle a public address system is a basic concept, there are many aspects to think about when designing the right system for your needs. Whether it is a small (single zone) or large (multi zone) system – it is best to get it right first time.

It is important to consider the types of input, method of amplification, amplification power, number of zones, routing of broadcasts, type of building/area, and more.

Public Address System – Key Benefits

 General Paging – Fast, efficient staff location

 Background music – Create a better working environment

 Spot announcements – Create revenue though advertising

 Shift Time signals – Improve your productivity

You can read about some of our PA system installations here.

At PAVA Services we provide a wide range of equipment and select the components that will best meet your requirements.

Our core PA equipment comes from:


bosch  RCF  QSC Audio  Baldwin Boxall Communications   Penton